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        Los Angeles Private Investigators - Investigators Serving Los Angeles and the State of California

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        Private Investigators - Los Angeles & All of California


        COUNSEL INVESTIGATIONS is a Los Angeles, California based company, with corporate offices in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since the conception of the agency, COUNSEL INVESTIGATIONS has made professionalism, integrity, and reliability the foundation on which it has been built. Because of this, our agency has an excellent reputation and is committed to a complete and thorough quality of service, always keeping in mind and focusing on client's sensitive needs.


        COUNSEL INVESTIGATIONS is a full-service private investigation agency, and is uniquely qualified to perform investigative tasks in a timely, comprehensive, and cost effective manner for clients throughout Los Angeles, Los Angels County and all over the State of California. Our mission is to bring greater value to our clients by continuing innovation, embracing new technologies and techniques, provide product designed to enhance profitability, and continue to set milestones for professional standards.


        Our clients consist of Law Firms, Insurance and Adjusting Companies, Third Party Administrators, Risk Managers, and other major corporations and government entities worldwide. COUNSEL INVESTIGATIONS maintains all professional license and insurance requirements.


        When you need the services of a highly trained and experienced private investigator in and around the Los Angeles area or throughout the entire State of California, call the experts at COUNSEL INVESTIGATIONS for more information and a FREE consultation. We are available 24 hours a day to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


        Call Los Angeles Investigators for a FREE consultation


        Counsel Investigations is a division of

        Las Vegas, Nevada


        California Private Investigators License #CA-PI 26840









        Counsel Investigations
        4470 W. Sunset Boulevard
        Suite 107-251
        Los Angeles, California 90027
        Toll Free: 877 718 2834

        Los Angeles: (213) 341 0173

        San Francisco: (415) 449 1967
        Fax: 877 718 2835










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