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        Los Angeles Private Investigators - Investigators Serving Los Angeles and the State of California

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        About Counsel Investigations


        In today’s fast changing business, technological and political environments present enormous opportunities for growth and success. However, they also bring new and increasingly challenging forms of risk.


        To succeed in the new millennium, companies, individuals and governments require the capability to:


        • Anticipate the dimensions of risk and to prevent or manage it.
        • Immediately respond to problems and crisis that arise
        • Institute the systemic changes in order to prevent problems from recurring
        • Procure the intelligence necessary to make the most informed and strategic resolution.


        As the intricacy of business risks have become more sophisticated, Counsel Investigations is developing into a more broad-based organization, offering the investigative consulting and security services necessary to identify, prevent and investigate risk related problems.


        Agency Introduction


        COUNSEL INVESTIGATIONS is uniquely qualified to perform investigative tasks in a timely, comprehensive and cost effective fashion. Our mission is to bring greater value to our clients by continuing innovation, embracing new technologies and techniques, provide product designed to enhance profitability and continue to set milestones for professional standards.


        Our experts from such fields as intelligence, law enforcement, military and security provide the solutions that will help you to operate successfully in a world of risk.


        All of our investigations are conducted with the strictest of confidence, while complying with all Federal and State Privacy laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. At Counsel Investigations, we are committed to protecting individuals rights and privacy.


        We create a product using licensed and insured professionals, who posses over 130 years of combined experience in Civilian / Federal Law Enforcement and Investigations. No subcontractors are utilized on assignments unless they are authorized, trained and thoroughly screen by our organization. Licensing and insurance regulations are constantly monitored in order to ensure that all federal, state and local requirements are met or exceeded.


        At Counsel Investigations, we pride ourselves in devoting our full attention and resources to each and every client. We work closely with them to tailor investigations and products so that the client obtains the service they need and expect, while at the same time, making sure that the investigation is within the clients budget requirements. Consequently, our growth is largely attributable to the loyalty and referrals of our clients.


        Our personalized service is precise, timely and effective. We have a proven track record of thousands of successful investigations throughout our career. Our investigators have the ability to travel to remote locations in a timely and cost effective fashion, working difficult cases through various investigative techniques including undercover and camouflage assignments, combined with the most advanced technologies available.



        Call Los Angeles Investigators for a FREE consultation


        Counsel Investigations is a division of

        Las Vegas, Nevada


        California Private Investigators License #CA-PI 26840









        Counsel Investigations
        4470 W. Sunset Boulevard
        Suite 107-251
        Los Angeles, California 90027
        Toll Free: 877 718 2834

        Los Angeles: (213) 341 0173

        San Francisco: (415) 449 1967
        Fax: 877 718 2835










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