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        Los Angeles Private Investigators - Investigators Serving Los Angeles and the State of California

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        Process Service and Attorney Support 大发快三免费下载


        In today’s fast changing business, technological and political environments present enormous opportunities for growth and success. However, they also bring new and increasingly challenging forms of risk. Knight Star tackles the risks our clients face in today’s uncertain world. We provide our clients with a wealth of qualified experience with extensive problem-solving strategies. Our services adhere to Knight Star’s highest standards of superiority, effectiveness and discretion that allow our clients to make informed decisions.


        As the intricacy of business risks have become more sophisticated, Knight Star is developing into a more broad-based organization, offering the investigative consulting and security services necessary to identify, prevent and investigate risk related problems.


        Attorney & Litigation Support 大发快三免费下载

        A brief outline of our attorney & litigation services can be found below, or for more detailed information, please visit our sister web site at:


        Knight Star’s Attorney & Litigation Support component is comprised of professionals who are dedicated to serve this vital and expanding area of contemporary law practice.

        The number of lawyers in the United States is exceeding one million and there is a comparable increase in the demand for first-rate litigation support personnel and technology to better manage the complexities of modern day litigation. Attorneys are constantly being asked to accomplish more in less time to meet the growing demands of companies and clients. Many of these assignments require new technologies and specialized skills.


        Knight Star helps attorneys, law firms and legal departments gather, analyze and organize evidence for discovery and litigation. Providing services such as Service of Process, Experienced Court Research, in depth Skip-Tracing and more, Knight Star’s wide range of services and consultancy can extend your legal team’s depth and expand its abilities, ensuring greater case-load efficiency and effectiveness. While attorneys continue to stay focused on the legal matters, they can feel confident that our litigation specialists provide the technological support that is complimentary to the litigator’s success.

        Our Attorney 大发快三免费下载 include:

        • Service of Process
        • Document Delivery
        • Court Research
        • Legal Filings
        • Certified Document Retrieval and Copying
        • Skip-Tracing

        For more information or to contact a legal support consultant,


        Call Los Angeles Investigators for a FREE consultation


        Counsel Investigations is a division of

        Las Vegas, Nevada


        California Private Investigators License #CA-PI 26840









        Counsel Investigations
        4470 W. Sunset Boulevard
        Suite 107-251
        Los Angeles, California 90027
        Toll Free: 877 718 2834

        Los Angeles: (213) 341 0173

        San Francisco: (415) 449 1967
        Fax: 877 718 2835










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