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        Los Angeles Private Investigators - Investigators Serving Los Angeles and the State of California

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        Private Investigations and Other 大发快三免费下载


        Counsel Investigations offers a wide range of professional, confidential investigations and related services to clients throughout the Los Angles area and the entire State of California.


        Our services include, but are not limited to:


        • Surveillance Investigations
        • Photo / Video / Covert Photography
        • Product Infringement & Intellectual Property Investigations
        • Undercover Investigations
        • Workers Compensation AOE/COE & Sub Rosa
        • Personal Injury and Negligence Investigations
        • Employee Integrity Investigations
        • Sexual Harassment Investigations
        • Witness locating and Statements
        • Confidential Interviews and Interrogations
        • Environmental Investigations
        • Civil Court and Deposition Testimony
        • Malingerer Consultations
        • Business Intelligence
        • Business Interruption Intervention
        • Business Risk Assessments
        • Industrial Espionage
        • Clandestine Operations
        • TelCo Consultations


        Information, Products & Background Screening


        • Information 大发快三免费下载
        • Locating Persons and Companies
        • Asset Searches
        • Extensive Online National Databases
        • Criminal and Civil Record Search
        • Motor Vehicle Registration Information
        • Employee Background Screening
        • Background Investigations
        • Environmental Investigations
        • Due Diligence Investigations
        • Product Tampering
        • Trademark, Patent, 大发快三免费下载 Infringement Research
        • Clandestine Relocation Consults
        • DNA Testing
        • Substance Abuse Testing


        Through highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology and database resources, this enable us to access a vast array of official and public records. Our years of experience and professional contacts allow us access to records and information which may otherwise be unknown or overlooked.


        Call Los Angeles Investigators for a FREE consultation


        Counsel Investigations is a division of

        Las Vegas, Nevada


        California Private Investigators License #CA-PI 26840









        Counsel Investigations
        4470 W. Sunset Boulevard
        Suite 107-251
        Los Angeles, California 90027
        Toll Free: 877 718 2834

        Los Angeles: (213) 341 0173

        San Francisco: (415) 449 1967
        Fax: 877 718 2835










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